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Where is Medscribe company headquarters located ?

Medscribe, LLC is headquartered at 207 E. Holly Avenue Suite 111-112 Sterling, VA 20164

What kind of work do you transcribe ?

We handle all kinds of transcription work – Medical transcription, dictations, business meetings, conference calls, press briefings, lectures, legal deposition and other legal transcription needs, radio shows, video shows, panel discussions, sermons, seminars, etc. We do transcription work for professors, teachers, students, insurance professionals, financial professionals, doctors, psychiatrists, preachers, market researchers, corporate meetings, lawyers, and more.

What format of audio will you transcribe ?

We will work with almost any format of audio! We prefer digital files simply because we send the audio files to transcribers through our secure website. If you have an audio file on a tape, then we will convert it into a digital file for a fee. Whatever your file format, we will help you get it transcribed.

Why are your prices so much lower than other transcription services ?

We are constantly asked by our clients how we can charge up to 80% less than our competition for transcription services and still be in business. Below is the simple explanation:

First of all, we run a tight ship. We choose our promotions carefully and insure every advertising dollar pays for itself; we streamline our systems and billing processes; we also do not waste money on unnecessary things like fancy offices in ritzy buildings, expensive furniture, etc.

Secondly, we are straight-shooters. There are no tricks in what we do, just good, old-fashioned, reliable business principles. Quite often we are asked if we bait our customers with low-rates advertisement and then try to sell higher packages. Anyone who expects us to do that will be disappointed. Our prices are listed right on the website. There are no surprises.

Thirdly, we are looking for a long-term relationship and referrals from satisfied clients like you will be, so we do not need to gouge you like our competitors because they consider you a “one-time” client and intend to extort as much as they can get from you.

The end result is that we are a small but profitable company with a large number of satisfied clients, expects to be in business for many years to come. All of this, of course, is due to value-conscious customers like you. Please click on the below link to view our customer testimonials.

How do I know you’ll keep my work confidential ?

While no one can guarantee a 100% fool-proof system of keeping your files confidential, Medscribe Transcription Services has used several processes to help keep your files confidential. Below are some steps we take to ensure confidentiality:

  • We use secure technologies to transact our business including the use of VPN and encryption.
  • All our transcribers sign a binding non-disclosure agreement.
  • We assign a file number to each audio, and transcribers use the file number as identification – they never know the client’s identity.
  • We comply with all HIPAA requirements.
Where do I mail physical audio tapes to you ?
Send it directly to us at:
Medscribe, LLC
207 E. Holly Avenue Suite 111-112
Sterling, VA 20164
Phone: (703) 450-014 Fax: (703) 450-9015
Should I send you my originals ?

We convert all audio tapes in digital form, and will send your original tape back. We advise that you make a copy of your master tapes just in case your tape gets lost or damaged in shipping. Also, please make certain to send, along with the media, a self-addressed, stamped envelope or package in order to return the media.

How do I get started ?

Please make use of our free trial to get started or contact us by phone.

How do I pay for the transcription ? How often do you bill me ?

We do not ask for any payment up front. You will get a notification email when your invoice is ready. We do billing on a fortnightly and monthly basis depending on various requirements.

Can you handle large projects ?

We have a large pool of transcribers and another very large pool waiting to join our panel of transcribers. We can handle projects of any size. We can adapt quickly to various requirements that you may have.

Who should I contact if I have a question not answered here ?

Please contact us directly by calling or send an email to