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Legal Transcription :

Transcription Services Focused On Legal Profession

The importance of impeccable transcription of legal matters cannot be understated. Whether the situation involves a deposition, trial tapes, wire taps or court proceedings, transcriptions must be executed to the highest degree of accuracy due to the possibility that a decision in court can turn on a single word or phrase.

Regardless of the format, legal transcriptions demand comprehensive attention to detail and a level of experience in legal proceedings that many transcription services cannot provide. Depending on your needs, Medscribe Legal Transcription guarantees a 98%+ accuracy with 99.9% accuracy available for situations where transcriptions need to be absolutely flawless.

To ensure that your legal transcriptions meet the highest standards in the industry, Medscribe Legal Transcription tests each one with our four step quality assurance process. Due to the talent of our pool of transcriptionists, corrections are rare. Still, each transcription is re-verified, proofread, reviewed, and corrected if necessary.

To back that up, we will refund 100% of transcription fees if transcripts cannot meet the guaranteed level of accuracy under certain circumstances.

Medscribe Legal Transcription provides transcription services for the following:
  • Depositions
  • Court tapes
  • Verbatim
  • Wire taps
  • Trial
  • Correspondence
  • Memorandums and other internal communications
  • English to Spanish translation
  • Spanish to English translation
  • Translation and transcription of multiple languages

In addition to providing the highest quality legal transcription possible, Medscribe Legal Transcription offers turnaround times to meet your needs including same day, standard, and extended TAT's.

With our affordable and transparent pricing model, you'll know exactly how much your transcriptions will cost before you submit them.